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What is a bunion?

A bunion is a joint deformity that causes a bony bulge on the side of your big toe. Bunions can cause soreness, pain, swelling, and other issues, including severe embarrassment about the appearance of your feet. 

Bunions grow progressively worse, so early treatment is the best way to avoid continued foot problems. 

How does a bunion happen?

Bunions happen because bones in your forefoot shift, which affects the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint that joins your big toe to the rest of your foot. As the forefoot bones exert pressure on the MTP joint, the joint gravitates inward toward your other foot. 

The resulting bony bump grows bigger as the MTP joint drifts inward even more. This joint movement causes your big toe to lean outward, moving toward (and possibly over the top of) your second toe as the deformity worsens. 

The cause of the forefoot changes that lead to bunions varies. Usually, it’s related to faulty foot structure, something you inherit from your parents.

You can also develop a bunion after trauma, like dropping a heavy box on your foot. Wearing toe-crowding shoes doesn’t actually cause bunions, but it can certainly speed up bunion development if you already have a foot type that’s vulnerable to them. 

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How do you treat bunions?

At Abacoa Podiatry and Leg Vein Center, Dr. Cedeno considers the extent of the bone changes in your foot, your activity level, your overall health, and other individual factors when formulating a bunion treatment approach. Usually, the first-line treatment is nonsurgical care to relieve your bunion pain, such as:

  • Taping 
  • Padding
  • Custom orthotics
  • Changing footwear
  • Anti-inflammatory medication

Conservative care is about symptom management rather than deformity correction. But if your bunion is very large or causes pain that’s just not manageable with conservative care, Dr. Cedeno may recommend bunion surgery. 

There are many different kinds of bunion surgery, including removing inflamed tissue, partial bone removal, forefoot bone realignment, and joint fusion. Dr. Cedeno designs a surgical plan to give you maximum relief and long-term foot health. 

If a bunion causes you serious pain, Abacoa Podiatry and Leg Vein Center offers the treatment you need by a renowned board-certified podiatrist. Call the office or make an appointment online with Dr. Cedeno today.

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A bunion is unmistakable: it’s a bony bump that pushes your big toe toward (or even atop) your smaller toes. Bunions definitely detract from your foot’s appearance, but that’s only one of the issues they cause. They can be very painful and lead to poor mobility, difficulty wearing shoes, and other problems. At Abacoa Podiatry and Leg Vein Center, skilled board-certified foot and ankle surgeon Orlando Cedeno, DPM, offers comprehensive bunion care, including everything from conservative care to surgical bunion removal and foot reconstruction. Call the Jupiter, Florida, office or book an appointment online.

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