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Stem Cell Therapy Q&A

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are like building blocks that create everything in your body. During embryonic development — the period when stem cells are at their peak — these cells begin morphing into different cell types as the body develops. This process is known as differentiation.

Stem cells can transform into anything in your body, including connective tissues like tendons and ligaments, bones, and organs. The enormous power of stem cells is even higher than you might think because these cells can divide over and over to produce more of any specific kind of cell on demand.

By the time you reach adulthood, there’s still a small number of stem cells scattered through your fatty tissue, bone marrow, and blood. Although stem cells in adult tissue aren’t as powerful or plentiful as those in amniotic tissue, they’re still capable of self-healing.

When you’re hurt, your stem cells help you recover. But due to the limited amount of natural stem cells you have left, the healing is often slower or less complete than desired. That’s where stem cell therapy comes in.

Stem Cell Therapy

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a specialized treatment in which Dr. Cedeno injects healthy stem cells directly into the area where you need tissue regeneration. With the stem cells placed in the right area, they differentiate, becoming the tendon, ligament, or joint cells you need. Stem cell therapy rebuilds your damaged tissue and reduces inflammation in the treated area. Ultimately, this eases your pain and restores your tissue to a younger, healthier, and stronger state.

What does stem cell therapy treat?

Stem cell therapy is a proven treatment for ligament damage, tendon damage, and degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis). This therapy has repeatedly demonstrated such remarkable regenerative results that experts call it the future of organ transplants. Researchers even use stem cell transplants as a treatment for some types of cancer because it can replace damaged cells so effectively.

How many stem cell therapy treatments will I need?

Generally, stem cell therapy works best when you have a series of treatments. Dr. Cedeno examines your feet and ankles, reviews your medical history, and discusses your challenges and goals with you before personalizing a stem cell therapy plan that fits your needs.

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Dealing with the chronic pain of ligament damage, tendon damage, or degenerative arthritis is incredibly frustrating when you only have a temporary solution like medication. As soon as you feel better for a few hours or even a day, the pill wears off and the pain comes back. If this sounds familiar, at Abacoa Podiatry and Leg Vein Center, podiatry specialist Orlando Cedeno, DPM, has a better approach that’s focused on long-term recovery. With a regenerative treatment called stem cell therapy, you can regrow damaged tissue and stop your pain. Call the Jupiter, Florida, office or book an appointment online to find out more about stem cell therapy today.

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