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Cysts and Warts Q&A

What are cysts and warts?

A cyst is a sac-like structure, typically filled with liquid, Cyst is commonly found on or underneath the skin, vary in size, and can appear anywhere on the foot and ankle. Cysts often appear suddenly and they can quickly disappear. In most cases, cysts do not require treatment. However, if the cysts are painful, or have an abnormal growth, you should consult with a foot doctor.

Warts, on the other hand, are caused by a viral infection from HPV. The virus generally invades the skin through small or unnoticeable cut or abrasion in the thick plantar skin. While warts can appear anywhere on the foot, technically, only those on the sole are properly called plantar warts.

Children, especially teenagers, are prone to suffer from warts than adults. If left untreated, warts can become larger and can spread into clusters of warts.

What Are The Symptoms of Cysts and Warts?

You may have a plantar wart or a cyst if you have the following in your foot:

What is the treatment for cysts and warts?


Treatment of cysts can be divided into two general categories: non-surgical and surgical treatment. Initial treatment of a cyst on your foot should rarely ever be surgical. Initially, if you don’t have symptoms, we recommend wait and watch to make sure that no abnormal changes occur.

However, if the cyst causes a great deal of pain, we may recommend a short process to drain out the fluid from it. Surgery may be recommended if the cysts are not cured by nonsurgical methods. In such cases, the cyst is removed from the foot by a surgical procedure.

In many cases, plantar warts will resolve naturally. However, in a few other cases, treatments may be required. At Abacoa Podiatry, we treat warts using a variety of ways, including topical prescription medications, freezing/cryosurgery and laser removal.

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