Plantar Plate Injuries

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What Are Plantar Plate Injuries?

A plantar plate injury refers to an injury to one of the strong ligaments on the underside of the foot. The plantar plate is a thick ligament that runs along the ball of your foot, connecting to the joints. The plantar plate helps protect the head of the metatarsal (the long bones of the foot) from excess pressure, preventing our toes from spreading too far apart, and prevent the overextension of our toes.

The most common cause of a plantar plate injury is an overload of pressure on the metatarsophalangeal (MPJ) joint. This leads to strain which causes attenuation and a tear in the plantar plate area.

If left unattended, this leads to the pain and instability which characterizes the injury. Plantar plate injuries usually occur gradually over time, although in some cases they can occur suddenly.

What Are The Symptoms of Plantar Plate Injuries?

The main symptoms of a plantar plate injury include:

Treatments of Plantar Plate Injuries

A doctor will first diagnose the condition by using physical examination. In some cases, X-rays and additional imaging tests such as MRI scans can also be used to confirm a plantar plate injury. If the condition is not severe, non-surgical treatment procedures may be used to cure the condition.

Among the non-surgical treatments which can be used to treat plantar plate injuries are; rest; ice treatment; and the strapping of the toe and the use of accommodative padding to ease the effect of the weight which is placed on the MPJ joint. Shoes can be worn in order to take the pressure off the ball of the foot, along with taping which holds the toe in a position that allows the ligament to heel better.

In some severe cases, surgical treatments will be needed in orders to treat the plantar plate injuries. At the Jupiter Laser and Regenerative Medicine, we use number surgical procedures to realign the metatarsal bone and the joint.

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